Good Things, Part 4 – When Good Things Take a Bad Turn, April 10, 2016

– the path of favor is not always on the mountaintops, it also winds through the valley. What we do not want to do is trivialize the challenge and hardship of everyday life
– Ps. 23 – we must keep our favor glasses on
– v4 – God is with you, He is for you, He never leaves you, He never forsakes you
– Getting real:
  -The fact that God is good. Does not cancel out that life is hard at times.
  -The fact that Life is Hard at times does not cancel out the fact that God is good!
– you will atract to yourself your reality
– v6 – a good life, like a good book, is made up of many chapters – the point is the chapter does not have to become the whole story. When you see your life through the lens of God’s favor, you see God’s goodness in the midst of life’s hardship.
– Rom 8:28 – a chapter is a chapter – it’s not the story
– you don’t decide all the chapters of your life, but how you frame them decides your story
– decide the lenses you are going to iew life through
– Gen. 50:20
– God’s plan is working something good in your life
– do not lose your hope – do not cast off your confidence
– if it hasn’t turned for good, then it just means your story is still being written