Guarding the Eyes of the Heart, Robert D, Aug 22, 2010

Guarding The Eyes Of The Heart
(guarding the eyes of your spirit)

-it’s in the process of taking risks that we see God’s miracles happen.

-the devil wants to fix the eyes of your heart on the problem which destroys our joy

Isa 26:3 – God will keep you in perfect peace when you keep your eyes fixed on Him.

Prov. 4:23 – above everything, guard the focus (eyes) of your heart.

– what is unseen is superior than what is seen. When the eyes of your heart are fixed on God, you see differently.
– when we are in fear, the eyes are not fixed on God, they’re fixed on what we see in the natural, this won’t bring the break through God wants

– what we see with our natural eyes does not determine what we see with our heart but it can influence it

Matt 8:23-25; Mark 4:38; Matt 8:26 – the eyes of Jesus’ heart are fixed on the will of God and had peace.
– whenever fear is motivating you, the devil is leading you. But whenever peace is motivating you, God is leading us.

– Hebrews 11 talks about faith. It’s the quality of faith that God responds to instead of the quantity of people praying.
2 Tim. 1:7 – fear is a demon spirit. it controls the way you think and draws your attention to the problem. It doesn’t allow you peace.
– people praying out of fear don’t see anything happening.

1. Memorization of the Word of God.
– The Holy Spirit can not bring to your rememberance what you haven’t already known
– It’s not the quantity of the Bible you read that impacts you, but the quality of the Bible that you read.
– Repeat it in your mind. Visualize yourself getting healed, your financial situation improving

2. Confession – speaking to the inner man.
– using a mirror to speak to your own inner man. Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.(1 John 4:4)

3. Speaking in tongues
– you can’t really speak in tongues and focus on something negative at the same time.

What happens when we do these? Our heart gets focused on God, and grounded in the Word, and you can feel that peace. And when you’re in that peace, you speak. You speak to that disorder, you speak to that financial problem, you speak to that conflict and that dis-unity, and you speak to that problem.