How Engaged Are The People In The Church? Kirk Pankratz Guest Speaker Sep 15, 2013

Luke 10:27 (MSG) – passion comes from the core of who you are
– taking hold of the heart for what God has for me
– “I don’t have time” really means “I don’t have enough energy and passion”
– it’s passion and energy that will change things
– muscle – how? volunteer labor, skills – love your neighbor with money, material, and muscle
– intelligence – our mental capacity and focus “set your mind on things above”
– who’s the person I’m going to share Jesus with today? Or invite to church?
– love your neighbor – Gal. 6:10 (AMP) – be mindful to be a blessing
– without a vision, people are paralyzed; wtih a vision, people are energized.
– Nothing creates more passion and energy, more prayer life and spiritual hunger, more willingness to serve and to volunteer, more generosity in advancing the Kingdom of God than a person who will chase their dream.
– Often times people think, “I can’t engage God at those levels. I can’t dream like that. I’m too old now. I’m past age to do that.” or “I regret it, but my time has passed.” or “I’m too young, I’m not ready to engage God that way. I’m not ready to be used at this season of my life.”
– It’s never too late to dream again. It’s never too late to engage what God is doing now.