I Will Restore, Guest Speaker Kirk Bowman, June 9, 2013

“I will restore” – God
– as we journey through life, things happen
– sometimes it’s God pruning us (John 15:2)
– sometimes when we lose ground, it’s simply our fault (Prov. 19:3)
– sometimes it’s others choices or actions
– sometimes it’s the devil (John 10:10)
– sometimes then there are times when we feel like things are taken away from us. – no matter what the reason is, God is a restorer.
Isa. 61:7, the Message, NASB – double with joy
Joel 2:25-26
– Job’s real story is a story of incredible restoration (Job 1:1-12)
1. God’s hand on = blessing, God’s hand off = curse (Job 1:10, Mal. 3:8-10)
2. the restoration story is bigger than you
3. God always restores to better than before (Job. 42:10-13)