I would have dispaired . . . unless, July 20, 2008

I would have dispaired, unless…

1. …I had believed the goodness of Gode in the land of the living
 – Ps. 27:1-14
 – in the natural thinking/seeing, it’s reasonable to be in dispaire, but inwardly, deep inside, we believe that God os good and inside, we see the goodness of God.
 – there are real times when bad things are happening but there’s a greater reality that God is good.
 – the natural man can’t see the sipiritual wisdom
 – the spiritual will pull me out of the dragging down the carnal tries to do
 – pray that God opens my spiritual eyes.

2. …I understood that deserts happen and believe in the ultimate goodness of God
 – Ps. 63, the enemy wants to blind me to this
 – in the promised land, there is milk and honey, but there are also deserts and giants (v.1)
– remember the loving kindness of God, even in the desert
– focus on “What am I to do now that I’m here in the desert?”, not on “Why am I here?”
 – v. 7-11, now that I’m hiding under the shadow of God in the desert, I reject satan’s attempts to put my focus elsewhere.
 – living the Godly life means that there will be deserts
 – 1 Cor. 10, the desert can be a place of anxiety from the enemy and we’re tempted to complain and it quickly spreads. anger also spreads. I’m tempted to doubt God and lose self-control.

What do I do?
1. Remembe3r that it’s a place of testing, to humble me
 – Deut. 8:2, why? for approval, to reveal my strengths and so I’ll know what’s in my heart.
2. Place to grow spiritually strong, grow deep roots.
3. Rest (Mark 6:31), I can’t be “on” all the time. I need to use my time-outs to rest.
4. Place of restoration (Hosea 2:14-15), hope means to wait expectantly.
 – my perspective can change in the desert
 – it can restore praise and freedom
5. Place of preparation, where God has access to me (Isa. 40:3)
6. Place of promise (Isa. 35:10)