In Pursuit of: True Riches, Part 3, Aug 17, 2008

Mark 8:27-33 review
v. 34-38 – the Lord wants to challenge us to look at what we’re pursuing

1. Pursue Peace – Ps. 34:11-14
  – be “do-gooders” – do good
  – Rom. 14:19 – help bring peace to situations

2. Pursue Holiness – Heb. 12:14
  – holiness is inward and comes from the inside out
  – not derived from man-made standards
  – Rom. 12:2, be transformed by the renewing of our minds
  – practice the presence of God – even in difficult situations and and around difficult people
  – take every thought captive
  – rest our hope of heaven, always being ready for His return

3. Pursue faithfulness in the little things
  – Luke 16:1-9
  – treat money as a tool to extend the Kingdom of God
  –  v. 10-13 – can’t serve both God and money
  – God is God, money is money, God owns it all
  – doing what I do, no matter who small, to the glory of God pleases Him.