In Pursuit of: True Riches, Part 4, Aug 24, 2008

Pursuit of True Riches continued…
– We’re callede in the Bible to pursue – run hard after – God

4. Pursue love and it’s companion virtues
  – 1. Cor. 13
  – love suffers long, even though I want things now, when I pray for them, and don’t want to have to wait or “suffer long”
  – love is kind. Do I drive kindly? Am I kind to my family – the people closest to me that have hurt me?
  – love will not envy. Envy goes a step further than jealousy.
  – love is not boastful. God doesn’t get any glory from that.
  – don’t be rude, because it’s not love
  – love does not seek it’s own
  – love is not provoked
  – love thinks no evil, esp. about others
  – love restores, doesn’t rejoice in iniquity
  – love bears all things – high gas prices, offensive people