Is God Enough?, Dec 9, 2007

Is God Enough? or is it God plus ________?
Ps. 73

Asaph is writing and he’s honest with God asking why the wicked seem to prosper.
– Why am I keeping myself pure and doing all these things for God when the wicked don’t do any of these and they seem to prosper?
– We stand on the truth that in the end, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. God wins.

1. How my communication impacts others (v.15)
  – struggles in a marriage shouldn’t be seen by the children, they’re not capable of handling the situations.
  – If I’m in a bad place, I need to find someone that’s been through the same thing to help lift me and get me back on track.

2. That I can have a transforming experience in the temple (v.16-20)
  – Justice delayed is not necessarily justice denied.

3. That God is with me and HE IS ENOUGH (v. 21-28)
  – It’s not me holding God’s hand becuase I’ll grow weary and let go, but it’s much better that God’s holding my hand. He doesn’t grow weary.
  – It’s not God plus a job, or God plus a marriage, but it’s just God and God is enough. Not just enough when I have this or that, but God is enough now, and will always be enough.
  – Let God be my desire this season amidst all the hustle and bustle.

“Everything depends on where you start. If you begin by envying the prosperity of the wicked, the human mind can ‘interpret’ the data so as to rule God out, to charge him with unfairness, to make piety and purity look silly. But if you begin with genuine delight in God, both in this world and in the world to come, you can put up with ‘flesh and heart failing,’ and be absolutely confident that, far from being the victim of injustice, you are in the best possible position: near to the good and sovereign God” (D. A. Carson, “How Long, O Lord?” p. 143).