Is There Not A Cause? Part 1, Apr 15, 2012

1 Sam. 17:1-47 – the israelite army was listening to the enemy and was scared. David heard Goliath and a spark welled up inside to defend God’s honor.
– Saul lost sight of God (v. 35-36)
– Characteristics of a Cause:
1. it is bigger than any of us (Col. 3:17) – we are here for teh glory of God
  – the kingdom of God is first – not my family or possessions
  – everything I do is to the glory of God
2. it is something you will die for
3. you are in its hand – it possesses you, you don’t possess it, it is not self-possessed
4. it leaves you with no choice – you must deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus (Matt 16:24)
5. you exist for the cause
6. you can’t ignore it – the Holy Spirit is constantly nudging me to glorify God in my life and words, and convicting me when I’m wrong.
7. it has eternal significance
8. it never changes – it’s always the glorification of Jesus Christ
9. it generates power
10. it creates change