Jesus Holds The Keys to Death, Hans Kornstra, July 7, 2013

Rom. 8:1-2 – Two laws are mentioned here:
1. the law of sin and death – the body aging is part of the law of death
  – this law works in your body and also in yoru soul
2. the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus  – what die Jesus do?
  – Jesus comes and breaks the power of sin,k He paid the ransom. To who? He paid it to the slave owner – darkness
  – death even outlasts the devil – “The last enemy that will be destroyed is death” 1 Cor. 15:26
  – when Jesus died, He took our sins, walked into death, and took hold of the authority of death
  – David says, “You shall not leave my soul in death” Ps. 16:10,
  – Jesus says that the gates of death shall not prevail over His church in Matt. 16:18
  – as a christian, you have already been transferred from death to life and not even death can separate you from Jesus
– don’t wait until you’re dead to change your future, do it now while you still can – while you’re alive
– when Jesus knocks at your door, don’t try to clean up before letting Him in, let Him in first and let Him help you clean
– as a Christian, you’re not just going to heaven when you die, you’re already transformed and passed from death to life