Jesus is Alive, Pastor Susan O’Reilly, September 6, 2015

-Eph. 2:1-7, Gen. 4:1-7
– What is sin? Romans 3:23
– we are all born bad
– Eph. 2:1 – sin steals and robs our true existence and meaning in life (Rom. 6:23)
– sin fascinates before it assassinates
– but God… (Eph. 2:4, John 3:16)
– what’s the answer – God!

The only way to be alive is to follow God.
Receive His love.
Can’t earn it – don’t deserve it!
Accept it!  He is obssessed with YOU!
He who knew no sin became sin – so that we would live.  We belong to Jesus!
We are totally forgiven, totally accepted and  totally loved by our heavenly father.
We must receive His love.  He is enough!
He approves me and loves me.
It’s not about our performance, our pedigree, background –
The Good News is – Jesus came to pay the price for us to go from a place of separation to a place of belonging!

– we belong to Jesus! Jesus is Alive!