John, Jesus, and the Jordan, Nov 16, 2008

Matt. 3:13-4:1

Luke 1:41-45 – Mary visits Elizabeth

– John and Jesus grew up. John was kind of a hippie – dressed and ate differently, but Jesus called him the greatest prophet.
– John drew large crowds, there was a revival in the land
– John saw Jesus and called out “Behold, the Lamb of God”. John knew that Jesus was going to die as a sacrifice that takes away the sins of the whole world – not just the Jews
– John says that Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit
– In Baptism, symbolically people go into the water dirty and come out clean. Jesus is baptized: goes in sinless, and comes out taking up the people’s sin
– After Jesus is baptized, the heavens are opened. When the heavens are opened, the invisible spiritual world becomes visible (the Holy Spirit comes like a dove)
– Jesus even said to people “your sins are forgiven” when they didn’t even ask for it.