Just Show Up, Guest Speaker Kenny Rigsby, July 14, 2013

For the Silent ministry:
– human trafficking is modern day slave trading. There are three times as many slaves today than there were at the height of the trans-atlantic slave industry
– there’s 2 forms of human trafficking – labor trafficking and sex trafficking
– 2 children per minute are trafficked for sexual exploitation around the world and it happens right here in America – not just in other countries. The average age of a child to be sold into slavery is 13.
– ministries of For the Silent
  – whatchmen project – their outreach program
  – burning bush – worship program nights
  – church trainings
  – “I have a voice” prevention and empowerment program – a 10 week program for girls getting out of juvenile detention
– word for today is ” Just Show Up”
– just show up to His presence (Exodus 3) showing up to God’s presence every day.
– just show up to the battlefield (1 Sam. 13-14) God caused panic to ensue in the Philistine army after Jonathan and his armor bearer went forward and killed 20 men.