Kenny Rigsby, For The Silent, Oct 3, 2010

For the silent is a ministry for those who are involved in sex trafficking, mainly focused on rescuing children.
– human trafficking is the modern day slave trade
– est. 27 million slaves in the world today (3 times as many as there was during the slave trade times over 100 years ago)
– the most common form of human trafficking is child sex trafficking
– on average there are 2 children each minute that are being trafficked for sexual exploitation
– est. 300,000 children in America are being trafficked
– there’s only 5 after care homes for young women to hekp as they get out – if they can get out
– avg age of a child starting out to be forced into trafficking is 13 years old
– within the first 48 hours a runaway is approached by a trafficker (pimp)

There is hope which is Jesus Christ
– in these safe houses, the girls are experienc ing the hope and joy of Jesus which is coming through the body of Christ

What can I do?
– look at Exodus 2 for Moses example of seeing suffering and slavery in Egypt. Eventually God used him to bring His people out of slavery
– religious activity just leads to more religious activity. Getting in the presence of the Lord leads to our heart aligning with God’s heart
– we need to secure our oxygen mask and be breathing in the presence of God before we go and help others, from there we can know the heart of God

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