Lessons From a Bad Decision, Feb 1, 2009

1 Chronicles 21 – the whole chapter

1. None of us are beyond deception (v.1)
  – Ps. 51:10
  – God, make me sensitive to the moving words of your heart
  – we need God to restrain us and keep us from deception

2. Don’t put our trust in numbers
  – the people didn’t belong to David but to God
  – don’t put your trust in what yoiu have, God can use very little or a lot
  – all the people in our life are God’s, not ours

3. We must tactfully appeal to those who make foolish decisions (v.3-4)
  – we need to be like Joab and appeal a bad decision even if it’s our boss
  – do it tactfully
  – listen when God puts people around us that challenge our decisions

4. After we make a mistake, we need to immediately confess and repent
  – don’t blame others fro my own giving in to temptation and not listening to wise counsel

5. Fall into God’s mercy
  – don’t try to bargin with people or God

6. Intercede and then listen for God’s instruction on what to do (v.16-19)
  – God showed David that the judgement isn’t over yet and David owned his mistake/decision
  – we so easily blame others and God instead of confessing to God that we fell by our own decision
  – God’s looking for obedience

7. Don’t look for the cheapest way to please God (v.24)
  – he that has a religion that costs him nothing is worth nothing