Lessons from the Book of Daniel, Part 3 Culture’s Greatest Sin, Oct 12, 2014

The sin of pride. God we don’t need you. We have this. We will call on you when we need you.


Pride will not let you see how bad you really are.


The story begins with the ending:


Daniel 4:1 – 4.


Application for all generations to come.


Insanity-Deranged thinking that is rooted in pride which is a turmoil of soul.


Every generation that has experienced any level of prosperity has never been able to handle it.


Can we be prosperous and stay very close to God?


1.    Insanity happens when we are self-sufficient instead of God –Dependent


It manifests itself in our prayerlessness.  We pray more when we have a need or are in trouble, or there is a crisis going on.  Churches saw their greatest attendance the weekend after 9-1-11


Prophetic warning can we stay God dependent when everything is ok?


Prayer is not a fire alarm!

Everyday declare your dependence on God!

Think about the atheism that is manifested in prayerlessness!


Declare your dependence on God! No Self sufficiency


Next we move to a Dream of a giant tree that was once flourishing and nourishing everything around it but it is cut down with stump remaining.


Daniel 4: 5 – 25 


2.    Insanity happens When we give ourselves the credit instead of thanking God


All that I have is given to me by God!

Developing and attitude of gratefulness


I Corinthians 4: 7, Daniel 4: 26 – 27


3.    Insanity happens when we think we know best instead of acknowledging Heaven Rules


We are a progressive generation we know better. We think we can restructure society, call evil good and good evil and suffer no consequences.


Sin is doing things my way instead of God’s ways!


God’s Ways are higher than our ways! God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts!


Do we know best or does God know best?


Mike Huckabee response to Sandy Hook


How do we get God’s esteem?


Daniel 4: 34 – 37


Isaiah 66: 1 – 2


In Closing:

To keep you from Insanity

A.   Exalt the King of Heaven


Not Your style-God’s style!


B.   Acknowledge that God does everything right and all His ways are just


God’s ways work!


C.   Walk in humility


Humility is thinking about yourself less.


 It is not all about me!


Culture outside of God’s ways does not work.