Life is – to Trust God, Part 4, Nov 8, 2015

– Life is to be at peace with God (Luke 10:38-42)
– the many things syndrome
– If Martha could learn to give the one thing its proper place and priority, the many things would take care of themselves.
– busyness can lead to barrenness
– doing what is expected of us culturally is not necessarily what God wants us to be doing.
– what we are distracted by says a lot about our value system
– if we don’t have the “one thing” in place, the “many things” will consume us
– when we have God’s peace, we see more clearly, we discern what is important, urgent, necessary, & unnecessary, we see what is a distraction
– the key is to focus on Jesus – the source of peace (John 14:27)
– Isa 54:10, Ps. 85:10, Rom. 15:13, 33, 1 Thess. 5:23, Heb. 13:20, Rom. 16:19, Phil. 4:6