Little Things Matter, Oct 20, 2013

Matt. 5:33-37, 25:14-30
– we can say many good things about the work fo the first two servants: they did their work promptly, with perseverance, with success, and they were ready to give an account to their master
– promptness matters
– perseverance is a little thing, but it matters
– little successes matter
– this shows that the master looked for goodness and faithfulness in His servants, not for a specific amount of money
– faithfulness matters
– “I can do very little; it will not make much difference if i do nothing: I shall not be missed; my tiny push is not needed to turn the scale.” F.B. Meyer expressing the thinking of the third servant
– we can say of the work of the third servant: he didn’t think, didn’t work, didn’t even try, and made excuses
– be faithful in your attitude – it’s a little thing that makes a big difference (Phil. 2:1-7)
– your attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference
– be faithful in your money (Luke 16:10-15) – your attitude about money matters – the value of a penny in God’s hands
– sometimes it’s hard to see how small choices can change your life but when compounded over time, the little things can make the biggest difference
– seeing an opportunity and knowing the right choices to make is not enough. You have to act on it. Since the little things are easy to do, they are also easy not to do