Living a Bigger Life, Steve Parsons, Aug 8, 2010

Living a Bigger Life
Judges 6:1-14 – people of God not living the life He called them to
– a bigger life has impact for the kingdom of God
– every generation needs to have its own encounter with God
– the people that have so much potential are living in fear – in survival mode
– God doesn’t want us to stay in survival mode, because our expectations and miracles get smaller

How to live a bigger life:
1. Break negative cycles in your life
  – may have a week or two of being on fire for God and then stall out and have a month of dryness. The up and down is a negative cycle.
  – may be stuck in a sin or an attitude problem but if you focus on Jesus, He will lead you out

2. Hear from God
  – a word from God changes everything (v.8,14)
  – hear from God primarily through reading His Word, but also from hearing Him speak to us

3. Create movement in your life
  – God doesn’t “magic” your problems away
  – He moves you to deal with or move your problem
  – God will always work with you when you create movement in your life
  – move from the devensive to the offensive
  – you may not feel like it, but you can
  – God wants to move you from the comfortable to the committed – comfortable will not get the job done.
  – move from “who am I” to “who I am”
  – you’re bigger than you think you are when the Spirit of God lives in you

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