Living in the Favor Zone, Part 2, Mar 25, 2012

– God wants to surround your life with favor
– there is no quota of favor
– you have not used it all up
– God’s favor is enduring, it is never ending as long as you have breath there will be favor
– it is always around us, on us, within us
– God’s favor will give you favor with the right people
– God’s favor will open doors of opportunity
– big opportunity starts with small opportunities
– we are never too big to serve
– God has favor planned for your future
– there is more grace in your future
– when you are favor minded, you not only see favor increase, but you also see opportunity to give favor and grace helping others
– don’t lose heart (Gal. 6:9)
– you don’t have to go looking for favor and grace, it’ll come to you
– God will make happen for us what we cannot make happen for ourselves. We are to stand in favor.