Master of the Breakthroughs, Feb 27, 2011

2 Sam. 5:17-21
– be careful what you wish for, there’s always a price
– God is the Master of the breakthroughs

1. walk in your annointing (v. 17)
  – don’t walk in someone else’s annointing
  – don’t long for the annointing of someone else

2. stay in your stronghold (v.17)
  – it is our place in Christ
  – know who you are in Christ
  – let God be your strength (Jer. 17:7)

3. inquire before you charge (v.19)
  – you’ll never get to a place where you don’t need God

4. have the courage to obey (v.20)
  – this brings breakthrough

(video clip from Jeff Markin, back from the dead