Mountain Takers Get The Girl, Kirk Bowman, June 19, 2011

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” Edward Hillary
Joshua 14:10-12 – Caleb holds on to God’s promise for 45 years
Joshua 15:13-19

How God helps us take our mountains:
1. the mountain was given but it had to be taken
  – God gives but we have to take
  – you don’t just have something, you stretch yourself to become something
2. mountain takers inspire and attract other mountain takers
  – Caleb broke through so Otheniel to take his mountain too
  – it opens doors for others to do the same
3. mountain takers get the girl
  – Othniel takes the city and gets the girl
  – 1 Sam. 18:25-27
  – if you want something great, you need to become a mountain taker
4. we need fathers and sons who will take their mountains
  – fathers show that a long staisfying marriage is possible
  – fathers show that a strong, long-term commitment is possible
  – sons need to break through, they’re the next generation fathers
  – fathers give their shoulders to their sons to stand on and go farther
5. shout “grace, grace to your mountain” (Zech. 4:7)
  – your mountain will become your plain to walk on
  – our God is a God of grace
  – shout to your mountain, don’t just talk about it.