My Empty Jar, Mar 11, 2012

Gen. 1:27-29, 1 Kings 17:8-24, 2 Kings 3:9-24, Mark 6:34-42, John 2:1-11 (weddings are important in the eyes of God), 2 Kings 4:1-7
– partnering with God for supernatural provision
9 truths:
1. man was given dominion, but not ownership (Ps. 24:1)
2. growth is not man’s domain (1 Cor. 3:6-7) – we only plant the seeds, God causes the growth
3. God involves us in the process
4. start with what you have
5. you always have a seed – God always has a seed for you
6. God cannot lie
7. God cannot fail
8. God cannot be second – He’s the first and the last – “seek first the Kingdom of God”, – first things first, need to fix the leaks before you can receive more, – tithe is first fruits, offerings come after
9. Get the Order Right:
    a.Tithe : This will break greed faster than anything. You must be willing to fix the leaks in order to receive more.
    b. Offerings: Planned, Purposeful, Regular, Joyful
    c. Beyond Our Means: (2 Cor.8:3)
    – Natural First-Supernatural Second
    – When You Need an Increase quit looking for a miracle and look for a jar!