No More Excuses, Apr 5, 2009

Luke 14:12-24
– we need to eliminate the excuses in our life
– v.12 – don’t habitually invite people over just to expect them to invite you back
– be careful that you don’t just associate with people who can benefit you

1. No more materialistic excuses
 – the first two excuses were materialistic

2. No more family first excuses
 – God has to come first, even before family
 – I am not to focus on my family, I need to focus on God and how He wants me to act towards my family
 – God is first, not being too tired, not staying up too late, etc.

3. No more inviting
 – God wants us to compel others to come, not just invite

– it’s not about me being rejected by man, byt it’s about God’s kingdom being filled up