Number Our Days Part 4, Feb 3, 2008

A Heart of Wisdom, Purpose of Numbering Our Days
Ps. 90

“We can only live our lives wisely if we can see God clearly” Josh Hark

4 Ingredients in Developing a Heart of Wisdom

1. Stands in awe of the eternal God
  – worship – considering the awe of God
  – even in the bad times, I will worship God
  – worship begins with God, not me
  – Lord, You are our dwelling place (v.1)
  – starts with God and ends with God
  – Job, “Even though He slay me, I will worship God”

2. Recognizes man’s insignificance
  – “For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by..” (v.4)
  – “The length of our days is seventy years – or eighty…” (v.10)
  – it’s not about man (or me), it’s all about God
  – man’s most significance is like the grass that fades (v.5-6)

3. Acknowledges God as Holy Judge
  – God decides when we die (v.3)
  – the world wants many different ways to come to God, but the kindest thing God can do is make one way to come to Him and He sent His Son and made the way very clear
  – every man will give an account to God for every action and word (v.8)

4. Runs to God for mercy
  – God’s judgement is meant to humble us, but not give us dispair (v.13-17)
  – Lamentations 3:22-27
  – God, I can only have a heart of wisdom by your mercies