Our Response in Hard Times, Oct 12, 2008

Gen. 12:2-3 – promise to Abraham. He was a friend of God because of he exercised faith.

Gen. 18:17-18 – God asks if He should hide His blessing

Gal. 3:5-9 – Ties the promise to Abraham to us today
 – God provides salvation as a free gift, not free like the world gives – with strings attached – but free like God gives – free with no strings attached.

Verses related to the promises of God to bless us so we can be a blessing: Deut. 8:18; 28:12; Josh. 1:7; 2 Cor. 26:5; Isa. 1:19; Ps. 1:2; 66:12; Prov. 3:9; 22:4…

What should my response be?
Gal. 4:28 – we’re like Isaac, Isaac still went through hard times
Gen. 26:1-2 – There was a famine in both Abraham and Isaac’s times, they weren’t exempt from hard times, even though they were promised blessings.

Lessons to learn:
1. Don’t go the way of Egypt (the way of the world) but go the way God shows you.
  – Isaac’s response in Gen. 26:12-13 when others were in fear, he sowed
  – it’s not enough to hear God, but to obey
  – Isaac sowed into the ground which was his business

2. Isaac sowed spirtual seeds in spiritual ground as well
  – Gen. 26:25 – when times are hard, we’re to worship

3. Isaac took action by re-digging the wells the philistines filled up