Our Response in Hard Times Pt 2 Passing The Test, Oct 19, 2008

– We’re living in the midst of hard times in our country, but we’re called to respond differently than the world.
– God is most glorified when we’re most satisfied in God
James 1:1-12 There’s a blessing that comes
1 Peter 1:3-9

5 Tests that trials bring
1. Test of joy
  – the enemy is after your joy (“count it all joy…”)
  – how can I see joy in the trial? by looking beyond the trial to what will come because of the trial

2. Test of patient endurance
  – Rom. 5:3-4, test to hold steady

3. Test of mature character, James 1:4
  – without tests/trials, we don’t know how mature we are
  – without tests/trials, our character will not be matured
  – the world needs mature christians

4. Test of wisdom, James 1:5
  – we’re to go to God and listen, once we hear from God, that’s all we need to here. James 3:13-18

5. Test of genuine faith
  – trials prove our faith, 1 Peter 1:6-7
  – how genuine is our faith to keep believing, hoping, etc.