Passion For The Possible, Dan Sneed, Feb 22, 2009

“Passion For The Possible”
Guest Speaker Dan Sneed

I need to have passion for what I can do
Matt. 15:29-38 – miracles happening for 3 days straight

1. Jesus brings the disciples (asn us) face to face with the impossible (that we can’t do)

2. Jesus challenges them and us to give everything that we have – even though we know that what we have is not nearly enough to do the impossible
 – when I bring the junk of my life to Jesus, He takes even my failures and turns them into something great and awesome.
 – I’m not expected to do the impossible but I am expected to give everything that I do have that Jesus asks for.

3. The touch of Jesus
 – that’s where the miracle is
 – do what Jesus says to do, give what He asks from us.