Raise Your Expectations, Feb 21, 2010

– expectation builds atmosphere
– see yourself as a thermostat (see the current temperature and make a change)
– set our thermostats to expect God working
– during testing periods, the enemy takes advantage with a strategy to discourage (i.e. Job’s wife saying, “Just curse God and die”)
– our future is linked with an expectation of God moving
  – set our thermostats to high expectations of God on the move

10 things we should believe and expect for:
1. the Lord is going to raise up a standard against my foes (Isa. 59:19)

2. my spirit to arise with glory and oppression and depression to break for me (Isa 60:1)
  – not allowing my external realities to dictate my internal realities – no matter what’s going on around me, I hold on to the truth of God

3. expect the Lord’s presence to rest on me (Isa. 60:2)

4. new vision to arise within me (Isa. 60:2-4)

5. new joy to overwhelm me (Isa. 60:5)

6. that the “camels” are coming to my house with new supply
  – the world is in recession, I’m just going through it – not stopping
  – Phil. 4:19 – my camels are coming

7. expect praise to begin to cover my region, breaking the power of desolation (Isa. 60:6)

8. I expect God to loose strength and supply to come to my building project (Isa. 60:9-10)

9. new favor to come upon me, and new doors and connections to open for me (Isa. 60:11)

10. I expect and believe that the spirit of porverty that has been holding my gates shut to let go and expect the provision to come open and stay open (Isa. 60:11)