Re-alignment, Part 5, Feb 20, 2011

Matt 6:24-34

– you can’t have it both ways, you have to grab one and let go of the other
v.24 mamon is weath personified
Col. 3:5 – put to death the passion for things of the world

– you will sacrifice for your God/god
– if you’re willing to get up early to wrok more to buy something, but you’re not willing to get up early to pray, even just once, you’re sacrificing to money, not God
– do not worry about your life (v.25)
– is not life more than food?
– (v.33) above everything – more important than anything else, seek first the kingdom of God
– am I seeking the kingdom of God first? or am I worried about my physical well-being or getting stuff?
– daily we reinforce our decision on who/what we serve