Reach: Through Serving, Oct 18, 2009

Joshua 25: 13-15
– Joshua made a whole hearted commitment to PLEASE the Lord
– it will cost you
– living to please the audience of one
– Joshua made a whole hearted commitment to SERVE the Lord

Jesus – it’s what He came to do and not do (Matt 20:28)
– Jesus will never not be a servant – He’s always an intercessor for us

Towel or Title? What are you looking for?
– John 13 – Jesus picked up a towel and served
– Jesus’ kingdom is about serving others

Employed or Unemployed?
– 1 Peter 4:10
– there’s no recession in God’s kingdom
– we’re to use our gifts, talents, and hands to serve. There’s always places to serve

4 qualities of a servant
1. the job is never too small
2. it’s a free choice
3. they have the value to be served, but choose to serve
4. never lose sight of the  mission