Reach: Through Your Attitude, Nov 22, 2009

Num. 13:25-33 – 12 people saw the same thing, but 10 people had a bad attitude problem.
Phil. 2:1-7

God wants us to reach our world. One way is through our attitude

The law of me . . .
  I am what I think
  depression is a deep-seated result of anger
  Prov. 23:7;4:23; Luke 6:45
– God knows the anger and other deep-seated feelings in you, bring them to God and expose them to His light
– pay attention to your heart. destroy belief systems that are destructive (Rom. 12:2)

The law of exposure . . .
  my mind will think most about what it is exposed to
  my mind will absorb and ultimately reflect what I’m exposed to (Phil. 4:8)

The law of repetition . . .
  dyslexia and the brain

The challenge:
– upgrade your attitude
– bring faith to work with you
– become an encourager and rop out of the complainer’s club