Redeeming The Time, Guest Steve Parsons, Oct 6, 2013

– do you think of time as something in your life that can be redemed?
Eph. 5:1-16
– redeeming the time – find out what the will of God is
– time can be redeemed for God’s glory
– Moses is a good example of redeeming your time well.
– 3 parts to Moses’ life: 
  – first part is privilege
  – second part is obscurity
  – third part is significance (Ex. 3:1-10)
– how to redeem time for God’s glory:
1. if you want to redeem time, you’ve got to see in new ways
  – whatever captures your attention, captures you and you can end up wasting your life if you’re paying attention to the wrong things.
  – the people who redeem time the most are people who burn with something in their heart.
  – each day is an opportunity to encounter God
2. you redeem time when you embrace God’s call for your life
  – stop waiting for something to happen to you and start showing up and live the life God made you to live
  – stop waiting for something to happen to you; something is waiting for you to happen to it
  – stop waiting, it’s already in your heart – when you get in front of the burning bush, it’s not just the bush that burns
3. you redeem time when you trade your past for God’s future
  – don’t let your past be a label that you wear for the rest of your life
  – if we are in Christ, we are new creatures, the old has gone, the new has come (2 Cor. 5:17)
4. you redeem time when you see all of your life as something sacred
  – Ex 3:5 – holy ground – your home, vehicle, desk at work, wife, and kids should be seen as sacred space – just like you think of the church building
  – live your life in a sacred, fresh way