Released – Forgive and Set Yourself Free, May 15, 2016

Matt 18:21-35
Forgiveness is:
1. Realize forgiveness is God’s commandment (not a suggestion) Matt 6:14-15
2. Taking yourself out of the judgement seat simply because it belongs to God alone (Col. 3:12)
3. An act of God’s grace being poured out through your heart
4. A result of being transformed into His image
5. A removal of a significant part of Satan’s ground (2 Cor. 2:5-11)
6. An act of the will, not a servant of feelings – don’t confuse forgiving, forgetting, wants, feelings, and choices
– this too shall pass – give yourself time and begin to make right choices for yourself
– so it is with forgiveness – we do it for our health and survival
– Until you forgive, you will continually be dragging that person and unresolved hurts with you. Forgiveness allows you to let go and ‘bury’ the relationship or issue.
– Who do you need to forgive? Do you need to forgive yourself?
– What are your requirements for forgiving?
– give up your requirements, your “rights. Forgive God’s way
– as long as you don’t love, you will have difficulty making ANY relationship work