Restoration, Steve Parsons, July 26, 2015

– Luke 15
– “We are not yet what we will be” Martin Luther
– God’s moving us forward
– Restoration – God’s in the business of fixing us and putting us back together
– doing life your way – will work for a little while
– our attempts at making life work just doesn’t work
4 ways God restores us
1. God brings us to our senses
– when we’re broken, we allow God to work in us
– can’t start to fix it until you finish the break and it’s completely broken
– God will allow us to be broken in order for us to be fixed the right way
– Ps. 51:17
2. He calls us to something greater
– am I living where I ought to be?
– God will use this to draw me to Himself
– because I wasn’t paying attention, I’m not where I’m supposed to be
– why is it we choose what the world offers instead of what God provides
3 He embraces us with grace
– thank you God, that I’m in your hands
– I’ve never been holding on to God, He’s always been holding on to me
4. God uses truth to restore us
– Father says “This is my son” to the prodigal son
– God speaks truth over us and it sets us free
– God wants to restore us