Rewired, Part 7, Sep 4, 2011

– make sure to get context when hearing a word or a sound bite. Be a Christian that thinks through things that are presented to you and vie3w the context of what’s being said.
Romans 12:13-21
– v. 13, practice makes perfect, but improper practice makes things imperfect. Practicing hospitality takes practice.
– v.14, retaliation is stuck in our mind, we need to get it out
– renew your mind, out of curse mode and into bless mode
– God’s love in me isn’t easily offended
– v.15, why is it so hard to rejoice when others are blessed, instead of feeling resentment, or jealosy?
– learn to mourn with those who mourn instead of trying to get them to get over it
– v.16, get along with everyone as much as it depends on you. Wait and honor one another.
– we’re depraved when we think or show superiority above anyone else
– v.18, are you a peacemaker? Stop speaking for others and stop letting others speak for others.
– v.20-21, this is the heart of a Christian with a renewed mind
Ps. 92:12-15, we need to take what we’ve learned from Romans 12 and plant it in our hearts so it can be nourished and grow. Otherwise, we won’t grow as Christians and miss the best God has for us.