Seeing When You Pray, Jan 13, 2013

2 Kings 6:8-17
– praying is engaging with God in a personal way
Ps. 35:1-10 – imagine and see God as your defender when you pray
– see your weakness as your enemy and ask God to defend you
– see God standing up – Hebrew is to arise in a hostile sense, become powerful, come on the scene
– see God blocking the way – also draw out the spear and stop those who pursue you
– see God speaking to you – God saying “I am your salvation”
– see your enemies confounded, confused, turning back – resist temptation by replacing the thought with something else
– see angels working on your behalf
– see your enemies tangled in their own net
– see your soul joyful in God
– see yourself delivered from that which is too strong for you – this is the posture of humility