Steve Parsons – Building on the right foundation, Nov. 4, 2007

Ps. 66:2

  – When you set out to build something, it’s always harder than you think and it always takes longer than you think
  – All of us are building something with our life

1 Cor. 3:9-17
We’re going to build our lives…
1. build on the right foundation (v.11)
  – look at my life in the past week as an indicator to how I’m building my life.

2. check your motivation
  – They’re revealed by what you give your heart and life to
  – Gen. 11 – tower of babel, people were wanting to make a name for themselves and build themselves up.
  – Solomon – let’s build a temple that makes God look good
  – Am I building for God’s glory? or for my own?

3. understand your resources
  – What has God given me to build with?
  – Get on with what I’m doing

4. get God’s design
  – Every time God tells someone to build something, He gives them specific instructions on how.

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