The Face Of Rebellion Pt 1, Jun 3, 2007

1 Samuel 15
Partial obedience is not good.
We need to be careful that we don’t ambush or set people up.
If God has told me to remove something from my life, I need to remove it completely.

1. Do I have any of these qualities and characteristics in my life? (rebellion and manipulation)

2. Are there people in my life that I allow to manipulate me or others?

A face of rebellion is:
v. 8-9 deliberate disobedience
v. 9 partial obedience
  – we tend to think that partial obedience is okay, but it’s not.
v. 12 egocentric (focused on me, me, me, me, me)
  – Saul setup a monument to himself
  – some people get mad when they’re embarassed (example of egocentric)
  – we need to be able to laugh at ourselves
v. 13 self-deception
  – I don’t even know I’m decieving myself
  – I need to pray for a revelation to see self-deception
v. 15, 21 blame shifting
  – Saul blamed the soldiers for not completely obeying God
  – examples are me saying “I’m not responsible” or “It wasn’t my fault/choice”