The Face Of Rebellion Pt 2, Jun 10, 2007

1. Pride (v.17)
  – refusing to see myself the way I really am (root of pride)
  – refusing to believe what God says about me (root of rejection)
  – cut off the roots by using the Truth

2. Witchcraft (v.23)
  – games of trying to manipulate people

3. Stubborness (pushy)
  – doing it anyway
  – I don’t have to push others to do what I believe
  – idol of a perfect marriage

4. Fear of man (v. 24-25)
  – afraid of what others think and say
  – people pleaser but forgetting to please God first.

5. Desparation (v.27)
  – wrong kind of desparation will leave me holding a piece of cloth
  – when I’m broken, I’m done making excuses

Most of the time, I’m in too great of a hurry to do what God wants. What do I do?  Turn, Run, Flee