The Good vs God’s Best, Sep. 2, 2007

John 2:1-4

3 factors to convert what is good to what is best

1. Crisis factor (v. 3)
  – when they ran out of wine.
  – the back of a mustard bottle says “Shake before use” and sometimes God shakes things up before he uses us.
  3 constants in life:
    1- God
    2- Anything alive will die
    3- Change
  – when we’re satisfied with the way things are, we’re disqualified for God’s best
  – when crisis comes, run to Jesus

2. Time factor (v. 4)
  3 questions:
    1- does Scripture allow or prohibit it?
    2- who gets the glory?
    3- is it the right time?

3. Obedience factor (v. 5-7)