The Kingdom of God Pt 5, June 22, 2008

Mark 10:45 – I’m here to serve
Acts 1:1-3 Follow Jesus’ example. He taught and then did, never giving up until He was taken up to heaven
 – The Kingdom of God was Jesus’ message both before and after the cross.

Delegation and Demonstration
Gen. 1:26-28 – God delegated to man
Gen. 9:1-2 – Same delegation to Noah and his family
Gen. 17:1-6 – God comes to Abraham and makes a covenant that kings and nations will come from him.
 – as a Christian, I’ve been grafted into Abraham’s family and am a king and have dominion over evey my own body. I need to get out of a “victim” mentality and take responsibility for myself and my actions, making them line up with God.
Ps. 115:16 – David gets a promise
Matt. 9:35-38 – Jesus delegates

The devil and the carnal flesh actively work to keep us from the Kingdom of God so I’m to actively work to pursue and stay in the Kingdom of God
Matt. 10:5 – Jesus sent out men to go and give what they’ve received from Him
Acts 8:12-13 – delegation and demonstration
Matt 16:13-19 – we’ve been given authority/keys to bind and loose
 – “God is there something You want me to bind or loose in somone?”
 – Need to exercise in wisdom and grace the power to loose and bind
Matt. 12:22-30 – we’ve been given authority and are to exercise it
 – we’re called as delegates to go and train others