The Other Side, Pastor Jonathan O’Reilly, Mar 15, 2015

– Mark 4:35-41, 5:1, 6:45-54
– focus on “then” and “when”
– how many of us ask God “Am I there yet?”
– what do we do when we’re not where we used to be but were not quite where we’re suppoed to be? It’s in the meantime.
– the meantime matters
– there are people involved in the meantime
– we must look to Jesus – especially in the meantime
– God had a mission for the guys on the other side (Mark 6:52)
– in the meantime, they stayed in the boat around Jesus
– in our meantime, we stay in the church and near to Jesus
– celebrate that we’re not where we used to be and there’s greater things for us yet to come.
– we’ve got to rest, trust, and remeber that Jesus is in charge
– storms can be bad, but they always end – they don’t last
– Gal 6:9
– there is value and significance in the meantime
– the more we stay close to Jesus, the more significant it is to stay close to Jesus