Transformation, Pastor Curt Vignery, Dec 1, 2013

Ez. 37:1-3
1. Transformation begins at the end
  – the life God has for you cannot and will not compete with the life you want to live. One has to die for the other to truly live.
  – do you want true change in your life?
  – John 5:1-9 – the pool is the only method to healing the man knows about
  – God’s never going to force His change on you
  – Jesus is not only your guide to transformation but He is also your source to transformation – it’s a continual transformation
  – God sees your transformation before you do
  – Rom. 12:1-2 NLT – change the way you look at things
2. Transformation activateds through action – can you do it?
  – the calling of God is the enabling of God
  – when God says to do something, you now have the power to do it – no matter how many times before you’ve tried and failed in your own strength
  – God’s not setting you up to fail, He’s setting you up to succeed
  – Ez. 37:4-8 – you’ve got to boldly speak God’s promises into your life – God invites you into your transformation process
  – you and I get to be in on our transformation process
  – take up your mat, becase you’re not going back to the way things were before
  – God is not going to force the change on you, you can limit how far God takes you
  – “I know who I amd and I know what I believe” Will Smith
3. Transformation is a process (Ez. 37:9-14)
  – take your eyes off of your imperfection and on to Jesus
4. Transformation is continual (2 Cor. 3:18)