Were There Not Ten? Nov 27, 2011

Luke 17:11-19
– ingratitude can be the source of many of our problems today
– lepers were an outcast of society
– Charles Brown gave some possible reasons why the nine did not give thanks:
*One waited to see if the cure was real
*One waited to see if it would last
*One said he would see Jesus later
*One decided that he had never had leprosy
*One said that he would have gotten well anyway
*One gave the glory to the priests
*One said, “Any rabbi could have done it”
*One said, I was already much improved

– things that will help us not slip into ingratitude:
1. notice the leper’s condition
2. notice the leper’s cry
  – Rom. 5:6 – like lepers, we are helpless to stop our destruction in sin and cry out to Jesus for mercy
  – grace is getting what you don’t deserve…mercy is not getting what you deserve
  – the leper’s only hope was Jesus – the same is for us as sinners
3. notice one leper’s celebration
  a. note the perception of gratitude – note how blessed we already are. The leper noticed that he was cleansed
    – do we really percieve what God has blessed us with?
    – an ungrateful Christians is a defeated CHristian because they ‘ve lost their joy
  b. note the priority of gratitude – the leper immediately turned around and ran back to give thanks
  c. note the perfection of gratitude – v.15, in a loud voice
    – wholeness comes when gratitude is made to perfection and maturity and made a priority
    – he glorified God above all else