What’s The Big Deal? Part 6 – Worship Part 3, Nov 11, 2012

– worship changes our focus
– our focus determines our reality
– “The mind is it’s own place, and in itself, can make a Heaven out of a Hell, a Hell of Heaven” John Milton
– two types of people: whiners-complainers and worshippers
– we see what we are looking for
Acts 16:16-22 MSG – How do we stop and get a bigger perspective?
– worship is taking our eyes off of our external circumstances and focusing on God
– what worship does: it restores spiritual equilibrium, helps us regain a proper perspective, and protects us from getting discouraged.
– worship is:
  – focusing on the big picture
  – focusing on the fundamentals of our faith
  – reframing our circumstances (worship sets the stage for miracles and causes spiritual earthquakes that can change our lives)
  – the way we stay positive in a negative world (Phil. 4:8)
  – the way out
– He is worthy of our worship
– it was worship that set Paul and Silas free physically and it’s worship that will set us free emotionally and spiritually.
– our internal attitudes or beliefs are much more important than our external circumstances. What we believe is how we’ll act.
– worship is taking our eyes off our circumstances and focusing on God.
– we let what’s wrong with us keep from worshipping what’s right about God