When You Pray, Part 2, Jan 19, 2014

– Matt 6:5-8, Luke 11:1-2
– Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven
– God’s not here to wait on me, I’m here to wait on God
– so many of us come to God with a checklist of what we want or need without acknowledging that His will and timing be done
– God doesn’t exist for you, you exist for God
– Matt. 6:11 – here we are looking to and depending on God for our daily provision – we need to go to God daily for our provision
– daily dependence and communion with God
– Matt. 6:12, Mark 11:25-26 – this is a key component to answered prayer – praying from a heart that is free from offense
– unforgiveness blocks your prayer
– you’re the only person that can deal with your own offense
– Prov. 4:24
– Matt. 6:13 – this recognizing we need to walk circumspectly, knowing the days are evil, our popensity to give into the flesh and be deceived by the evil one
– similar to Psalm 141:4
– Matt. 6:13 – we conclude wiht reminding ourselves who’s Kingdom it is, who the power belongs to and who the glory is for
– whether we pray petitionary prayers, intercessory prayers, contemplative prayers, prayers of supplication, prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of agreement, prayers of declaration we are reminded we are to honor the name of God, we are depending on His power, His provision, His glory to come forth.  We are believing to be led in righteous paths, walking in forgiveness as we are forgiven and believing for His Kingdom to be established.