Wisdom for Life, Part 11, Wisdom for Change, Sep 23, 2012

– Accept responsibility (Gen.3:1-13,1 Sam.15:1-24)
– “Since then we have all become experts at shifting our responsibility onto others. We will all stand before God one day. And on that day, any attempts at hand-waving and finger-pointing will not suffice. The responsibility of what we did with Jesus will rest squarely on our shoulders and no one else’s.” – Frank Viola
– I am responsible for my response
– what does this experience make possible?
– beware of responsibility diffusion
– a good boundary when it comes to people is to ask “Am I responsible to/for them?
– take responsibility for your choices (Josh. 24:13-15)
– Reject apathy (2 Tim. 3:1-5)
– irreconcilable – ceasing to care
– apathy must be rejected
– Act courageously (Deut.31:6,Josh.1:7-9,1Chron.28:20,Ps.27:1,Ps.31:24,1Cor.15:58,1 Cor.16:13,Eph.6:10)
– courage is doing what you’re afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you’re scared.