Wisdom for Life, Part 12, Wisdom Regarding Money, Sep 30, 2012

– Wealth
– has its advantages (Prov. 10:15,18:11,13:8,14:20,19:4,6-7,22:7,18:23)
– but wealth doesn’t provide everything (Prov. 10:2,11:4,28)
– the acquisition of wealth (Prov. 13:11,20:21,28:20,22,20:17,21:5-6,28:8)
– keeping wealth in perspective (Prov. 23:4-5)
– wealth can be a blessing, but it can easily become a curse; wisdom makes the difference
– Poverty
– some are poor because of circumstances beyond their control (Prov. 30:14,28:8)
– others are poor because of their own sinful conduct (Prov.6:6-11,10:4,14:23,20:13,24:30-34,21:17,23:21,12:11,28:19)
– Generosity
– the expression of generosity (Prov.28:27,3:9)
– the benefits of generosity (Prov.11:17,14:21,3:9-10,11:24-25,19:17)
– Greed
– the qualities of greed (Prov.30:15-16,21:25-26,23:6-8)
– the danger of greed (Prov.1:17,15:27)
– to avoid misery, for ourselves and others, we must not be greedy
– Proverbs gives us wisdom in properly relating to wealth and poverty, and generostiy and greed
– with the blessing of the Lord, we can experience both wealth that comes from honest labor, and generosity that springs from a merciful heart
– certainly there is no place for arrogance and abuse when we have been materially blessed (Prov.22:2,14:31)