Wisdom for Life, Part 9, Wisdom in Friendship, Sep 9, 2012

– Jesus was a friend of sinners, we’re to be insulated against sin in the world, but not isolated from people in the world.
– you’re either influencing your world or you’re being influenced by it
Prov. 1:10-11,15,13:20,1 Cor.15:33, Prov.25:17
4 qualities of good friends – am I a friend with these qualities?
1. constancy – good and faithful friend (Prov. 17:17 ESV, Prov.27:10,14:20,18:24)
2. candor – open, honest, and sincere (Prov.27:6,28:23)
  – we need people in our lives like this
3. council – offers wise and honest counsel (Prov.27:17,27:9)
4. consideration – demonstrates compassion for friends and sensitive (Prov.25:20)
  – if counsel is what you say, consideration is how you say it – good friends are sensitive to those around them
– be friendly
– those seeking a friend seldom find one (be friendly to have friends)
– healthy frienships have grace and truth
– unspoken and unrealistic expectations sabotage and destroy good friendships